We started Organic Tanning with a simple mission-
to provide better sunless tanning services and results. It has been out passion to find the best solution that provided the most natural color with the safest ingredients, period. All of the solutions we use are Organic, Certified Vegan by PETA Foundation, Paraben free, Erythrulose free & Fragrance-free.At Organic Tanning we customize our solutions to all skin complexions & any desired level of tan. Maintaining to provide the best with you in mind, our solutions are also infused with Vitamins A, C, & E providing your skin with beneficial nutrients with each spray tan. solutions we use also have a Aloe Vera base, instead of a alcohol base, to work by locking in moisture and providing skin with hydration as well as helping skin rejuvenation & repair.


During your appointment we provide all you need for your tan: barrier cream, feet protection, disposable bikini, face wash, make up remover; each individually sealed & sanitary. We also have selections of Anti-aging drops & Slimming drops optional to add into your tanning solution for a beneficial treatment for your skin & further maximizing your spray tan experience.

Superior Service!

We stand by our services & in our commitment to be using the safest, quality solutions & products in our industry and maintain to ensure each client is comfortable & confident during their visit, as well as with their results.

Keeping Your Tan Gorgeous:

  • After showering, pat the skin dry rather than rubbing or air dry.
  • NO HOT showers while wearing your spray – the whole time. Only take short and cool showers!
  • Use a DHA friendly body wash to extend the life of your tan. Best not to use a body wash or soap that contains AlphaHydroxy acid (like Dove products).
  • Do not use a loofah or exfoliant.
  • Moisturize with lotion ONLY WHEN YOUR SKIN IS COMPLETELY DRY. Preferably with a DHA friendly body lotion. BE SURE that you use a lotion that contains little or no alcohol. This will result in a patchy fade.
  • No saunas or hot tubs.

Skin Prep & Appointment Tips

In order to achieve the best results for your tan, we recommend taking the following steps the day of your appointment:

  • EXFOLIATE your skin prior to treatment – this is very important! We recommend using a gritty scrub or just body wash with a loofah. DO NOT use a salt or sugar scrub because the rich oils they contain will block the absorption of the tanning formula.
  • Skin should be free from self-tanners, perfume, deodorant and oils (we supply wipes to remove things if needed)
  • DO NOT wear makeup.
  • Waxing or shaving should be complete 12 hours prior to treatment (if possible) to avoid the tanning solution setting unevenly.
  • WEAR DARK, LOOSE CLOTHING TO YOUR SPRAY APPOINTMENT or have it with you to wear after your tan.
  • You won’t be putting on your bra directly after your tan, so plan ahead!
  • During your spray, you may undress to your comfort level to avoid tan lines. It is best to be sprayed in the nude, but if you choose to wear undergarments, make sure they are dark (preferably black) to avoid staining. We have disposable bottoms if needed.
  • Manicures should be done prior if need one and have your tan polish changed.

After Care Tips:

  • Don’t rub, touch, or scratch at your skin! Your tan is developing and touching it can interfere with this process.
  • Do not shower until a minimum of 8 hours after your tan. The longer the better – preferably not until the next day¬†UNLESS you’ve had an Express Spray Tan.
  • This includes not doing the dishes or submerging your skin in water until your tan has had the time to fully develop. When you take your first hands in water – this will cause streaking if you get wet before the shower. Be sure and completely off the BACK of your legs. It is quite common that people don’t get off all the bronzer and it “streaks” the backs of the legs.
  • Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment.
  • Should you notice any problems with your tan, you may come in for a free touch up on the same day.
  • Do not use soap or body wash that contains Alpha-hydroxy acid (such as Dove products).
  • Use a DHA-friendly soap.